Single Jersey Tubular Knitting Machine

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The fuselage of the Single Jersey Tubular knitting machine is designed by combining ergonomics and the principle of true value, with beautiful appearance and solid structure, and high-quality cast iron materials are selected to prevent deformation of parts. Durability of parts

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Cylinder and inserts of the Single Jersey Tubular knitting machine are made of imported special alloy iron materials, which are made of precision machining and special heat treatment, and are durable.About the yarn feeder is divided into iron or porcelain ,One thing, iron feeders will be rusty after years of using while porcelain feeders not.


The Single Jersey Tubular knitting machine adopt 3 needle detectors and 3 cloth detector. But for double jersey machine, only 3 needle detectors, no cloth detectors.


There are two types of take down system for circular knitting machine: rolling type fabric winder and folding and rolling fabric winder 


About our single polar terry circular knitting machine.Hear the sound of the steel, if the sound is deep and thick, it means the steel is in great hardness. Take a full image of the machine, it's very strong. We are an OEM factory, so when customers need special requirements like special gate color we can easily satisfy them.

Fabric Sample

The Single Jersey Tubular knitting machine can knit stretch jersey\impact jersey\mesh fabric\waffle pique and so on.


Our Factory

All the sand casting molds of our company are made of aluminum molds, and the manufacturing cost is 50% higher than that of other counterparts. However, the cast of the all circular knitting machine have a well-proportioned shape and high smoothness, especially for some non-machined surfaces, the appearance is neat and clean, which is conducive to beauty ; After the single-feeder-circular-knitting-machine casting, remove the attachments when not in use, store in a cool and ventilated place, lay flat without heavy pressure; can be used for more than 10 years.


Customer feedback



1.Q:How long does your company's normal product delivery time take?

A: The annual output of our company is about 1800 units, and the normal order delivery time is within 5 weeks.

2.Q:What testing equipment does your company have?

A: complete testing equipment, such as shaft deflection instrument, dial indicator, dial indicator, centimeter, micrometer, height gauge, depth gauge, general gauge, stop gauge.

3.Q:What are the specifications and styles of your existing products?

A: There are rib machines, double-sided machines, single-sided open-width machines, sweater machines, loop-cutting towel and jacquard series, and computer-transferring jacquard series.

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