Machine Knitting Single Jersey

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circular knitting machine Single jersey is a new type of circular knitting machine which has combined the knitting principle with human engineering and aesthetics viewpoint.

circular knitting machine Single jersey adopts computer 3D auxiliary design (CAD) to gear static analysis and driving imitation so as to reduce the defectiveness of gear design and manufacture and keep the machine steady when it works; the function more excellent; the weaving more special and exquisite.

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Cloth rolling system is a special design, which easily rolls up the cloth and will not produce clear shadow. In addition, the circular knitting machine Single jersey is equipped with a safety stop device that will shut down the entire machine automatically.


The special designed feeder of circular knitting machine Single jersey makes the elastic yarn feeding device easily equipped. Adding a small yarn ring between yarn ring and feeder ring to avoid the yarn from disturbance.


Control Panel is powerful enough to automatically survey and control every operating parameter including spraying oil regularly, dust removing, needle breakage detection, automatic stop when there is a broken hole on the fabric or the output reaches the set value and so forth.


The Single jersey circular knitting machine can knit twill cloth \diagonal fabric\High elastic spandex fabric and so on.


We usually wipe the machine with anti-rust oil first, then add plastic wrap to protect the syringe, secondly, we will add custom paper skin on the machine foot, thirdly, we will add a vacuum bag to the machine, and finally the product will be packed in wooden pallets or wooden boxes.

For container delivery, the standard package is wooden plate and the machine in package.If export to European countries the wooden material will be fumigated.


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