Control panel for Mayer Orizio Circular Knitting Machine

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Please read this booklet carefully so as to install and use the products properly.


1. Basic Design Features(1). Adoption of fully digital control system regarding micro-processor (MCU) as key part(2). Two stages to automatically accelerate increasing/decreasing set values when setting(3). Setting oil pump working modes of continuous/interval of second/interval of turn and their values.


(4). By separately setting to choose whether to offer drive voltage for lamp on needle flicker or not when needle breaks, for lamp on oil pump flicker or not when oil pump runs out of oil.


(5).Setting jog speed when stop or adjusting jog speed when jog.


(6).Consumer password can be set if you wish.


(7).64 Stages frequency conditioning for inverter.


(8).Permission/prohibition of operating for setting values and adjusting speed.


(9).Power supply offered for cut-machine can be set by hardware.


(9).Power supply offered for cut-machine can be set by hardware.


(10). To ensure contact or non-load to act and inverter firm to operate, power supply for inverter is designed to be on earlier than starting and off later than stopping.


(11). Fan and oil pump can be compelled to start when stop.


(12). Real-time operating data will be saved and protected when power supply is shutted




(13) . Input circuits along which sensor signals pass will self-test when power on.

(14). Protecting and displaying in many abnormal cases, Compelling and super-comprellingin some abnormal cases, which can jog by pushing jog key.

(15). Preventing from extending the accident of breaking needle that happens due to machine can’t stop while yarn snap.


16). Counting turns when work, Displaying statistics data of A/B/C shift’s output, total output, velocity stages and machine rpm value. Browsing set values.









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