We are a professional and reliable Circular Knitting Machine Manufacturer

Since 1990,
More than 30+ year experience,
Export to 40+ countries,
Serve more than 1580+ clients,
Factory field more than 100,000㎡+
Professional workshop 7+ for different machine parts
At least 1000 sets annual output

Factory Field

EAST GROUP has a variety of production equipment, and has successively introduced modern precision equipment such as computer vertical lathes, CNC machining centers, CNC milling machines, computer engraving machines, large-scale high-precision three-coordinate measuring instruments from Japan and Taiwan, and has initially realized intelligent manufacturing. EAST company has Passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification and CE EU certificate. In the design and production process, a number of patented technologies have been formed, including a number of invention patents, with independent intellectual property rights, and has also obtained the intellectual property management system certification.

We have Following Advantages

Marketing and Service Advantages

The company helps the company to expand the market through precise marketing, multi-channel deepening, developing overseas emerging markets, promoting multi-brand development, fast customer service, etc., so as to gain the advantages of marketing.

Efficient Research and Development Advantages

The company takes the advantages of technological innovation, takes the needs of external customers as the starting point, accelerates the upgrading of existing technologies, pays attention to the development and application of new materials and new processes, and meets the changing product needs of customers.

Manufacturing Advantages

By improving the corresponding technical specifications, optimizing and upgrading processes, and implementing standardization of production processes, the company helps the company to achieve lean management of production, thereby helping the company to gain manufacturing advantages.